Venture Capital

Venture capital is defined as the investment activity in risk capital carried out by professional GPs and aimed at early-stage (seed and start-up) and later stage venture and expansion capital transactions. Strictly speaking, this refers only to investments in early-stage companies (seed, start-up and later stage).

Market data and performance analyses in terms of IRR are carried out by our Research Office using the European Data Cooperative (EDC) platform, developed together with the main European national venture capital and private equity associations and Invest Europe.

Also available is the in-depth study of the Italian venture capital market carried out by the Venture Capital Monitor, created in 2008 as a collaboration between AIFI and LIUC-Cattaneo University and active at the University’s Business School. It is mainly based on public sources and considers an extensive sample of players active in the venture capital chain, including informal and unstructured ones, normally excluded from European monitoring and methodology but which AIFI refers to in its studies.


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