AIFI is the Italian Private Equity, Venture Capital and Private Debt Association

AIFI, the Italian Private Equity, Venture Capital and Private Debt Association, was established in May 1986 and is internationally recognised for its institutional representation and promotion of private equity, venture capital and private debt activity in Italy. 
AIFI brings together financial institutions that permanently and professionally invest in unlisted companies, with an active involvement in their development, or that offer flexible debt instruments that can be adapted to the needs of individual companies. 
The Association also brings together an important network of institutions, institutional investors and professionals who are interested in the development of the industry. 
In addition to representing its members and being a point of reference for key analysis and research on alternative investments, AIFI plays an important role in the cultural dissemination of financial markets.

Main activities carried out by the Association

Institutional and advocacy activities
AIFI plays an active role in the legislative and institutional process through an intense engagement with the competent authorities, at national and international level, by means of any initiatives necessary to create a favourable context for private capital operations.

Research and publications
The Association produces periodic analyses of the private capital market, collecting, with the support of qualified research partners, statistics on sourcing funds, investments and divestments, as well as on the performance of the sector. In addition, the Association analyses, through its Technical Committees, specific problems related to market development, operators' expectations and the impact of the economic cycle, as well as the relations between capital supply and demand, specifically within the unlisted companies segment. Statistical data and the main trends on the sector's activity in Italy are also collected and published every year in the AIFI Yearbook, which also includes the AIFI Membership Directory. Issues of a more technical nature are dealt with in depth in the AIFI Risk Capital Investment Notebook series.

Information activities for members and industry standards
AIFI investigates legal and tax issues of interest to the industry and develops industry standards and guidelines. The results of the analyses are sent out via circulars, newsletters, tax & legal flashes, tax & legal overviews, guides and other information. They are commented on at events, webinars and technical seminars.

Communication activities
Communications from AIFI are intended to support all its work involving different stakeholders, whether internal or external to AIFI. The main areas are: internal communication through circulars and newsletters to members, the press office, which takes the form of relations with journalists and the publication in newspapers of AIFI's various activities and positions; online communication, with the use of social media and the daily newsletter, Private Capital Today; organising events that bring together all the different players in the world of private capital.

Training activities
AIFI Ricerca e Formazione Srl creates systematic training events, aimed at both operators in the sector and representatives of the business and institutional world, as well as private and institutional investors interested in the industry. In particular, a 'Private Equity, Venture Capital and Private Debt' course is organised every year, with a programme that covers a wide range of detailed topics relating to the work of the industry. In addition, the offer has been complemented in recent years by distance-learning courses which focus on professional and continuing education (such as those under the Consob Intermediaries Regulation and ad hoc training for board members and senior managers). Other training activities include seminars and refresher courses on topics relevant to those working in the private capital market.

The Association organises meetings and discussions among its members and more generally with the financial and business community, both at Italian and international level. 
An annual conference open to the public is organised, attracting professionals, institutions and representatives of the financial and economic world. During the meeting, market trends and statistics are analysed. AIFI also organises discussions with the community and international investors. 
Other networking opportunities are dedicated to institutional investors who are specifically targeted by INVEST AIFI. The Association's staff, its President and Board members attend and represent AIFI at many events and meetings.


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